about this site


Chasing a Starlight was originally created in 2003/2004, and has mostly been online in various places ever since. It was first called Vajra (named for one of Sheena's weapons), but was renamed during a revamp in 2007. I did just take a line from Muse's Starlight because I was listening to it a lot when making the layout. I'm sure I can come up with a long winded explanation as to how it totally fits Sheena if I tried. Mostly it's just a whimsical and fun name, and much better than Vajra.

This is the sixth layout for Chasing a Starlight, and is a little inspired by Michelle's gorgeous layout at Emissary. Previous layouts can be seen to the right. A huge thanks to Robin for her help with the sliding divs! ♥

So, why did I decide to make a site to Sheena? Firstly, this domain name might suggest, I am fond of summoners. Secondly, Sheena caught my attention the moment she appeared in game – I loved her design. (It's worth mentioning that my very first cosplay ever was Sheena in 2005.) When she did join my party, I loved the fact that she fought with cards because it reminded me of Gambit from the X-Men. And, of course, Sheena comes complete the obligatory Tragic Back Story, a must-have for any RPG character worth their salt. Despite that, though, she gets on with the important matters, and is really the heroine of the latter part of the game. She is the only one who can form pacts with the Summon Spirits and unite the worlds. I also appreciate how sincere Sheena is – and how despite the fact that you first meet her when she's trying to assassinate Colette, it's actually super obvious that she's a good person. Sheena will do the right thing, despite the harsh hand she's been dealt. I love her growth throughout the game, and how she becomes more confident as the story progresses. It's been many years since I first played Tales of Symphonia, and she remains one of my favourite video game characters. She holds a lot of good memories for me.


If you would like to link back to Chasing a Starlight, the URL is http://www.rydia.nu/sheena Buttons below can be used, but I ask that you upload them to your own webspace. A text link is also very welcome. If you'd like to link exchange, please contact me. Thank you!