Base Stats

HP 95
Attack 65
Defense 65
Sp. Attack 110
Sp. Defence 130
Speed 60

Sylveon's ability Cute Charm activates when a Pokémon of the opposite gender uses a contact move on it. This results in the opposing Pokémon becoming Infatuated with Sylveon. It's quite situational and not that useful. Sylveon's other ability is Pixilate, which turns Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves (and gives it a x1.3 boost), which is more useful.

While Sylveon's Defense is quite low, it makes up for it with a great Sp. Defence stat. It's Speed is also quite low at 60, which is something to keep in mind because many Pokémon will be faster than it.

Fairy-type Pokémon are weak against Poison and Steel-type moves. But they are immune to Dragon-type moves, while being super effective against Dragon, Fighting and Dark-types. Fairy-type Pokémon are also the second rarest type after Ghost-type, with only 4.8% being Fairy-type. The lower number of Fairy-type isn't too surprising, though, considering it was only introduced in Pokémon X/Y.


Sylveon's movelist from Pokémon X/Y.

Level Move Type Category Power PP
-- Disarming Voice Fairy Special 40 15
-- Tail Whip Normal Status -- 30
-- Tackle Normal Physical 50 35
-- Helping Hand Normal Status -- 20
5 Sand Attack Ground Status -- 15
9 Fairy Wind Fairy Special 40 30
13 Quick Attack Normal Physical 40 30
17 Swift Normal Special 60 20
20 Draining Kiss Fairy Special 50 10
25 Skill Swap Psychic Status -- 10
29 Misty Terrain Fairy Status -- 10
33 Light Screen Psychic Status -- 30
37 Moonblast Fairy Special 95 15
41 Last Resort Normal Physical 140 5
45 Psych Up Normal Status -- 10