Sexy never left

This is a ridiculous page in the middle of a ridiculous site, but Isshin's fashion sense - or lack thereof - is worth mentioning. While most of the time he's seen in his white doctor coat exuding an aura of professionalism to put the sick at their ease - no, really - it's better for your eyes to avoid the loud shirts that he usually wears underneath it. Frills that leopard print?!

The Peter Pan inspired ensemble

Did I say ensemble? I meant monstrosity. And oh, look, more animal print. Fabulous!

Back in black

Proving that he can look stylish, Isshin dons a suit when visiting the grave of his wife on the anniversary of her death. This is also when he has his yearly cigerette in front of her, a memory of how she told him his hand looked cool with a cigerette in it, back when they were dating. And he is wearing that suit.

what the hell is up with those pants?!

... Seriously. They looks like pjamas a little girl would wear.

Their powers combined...

Isshin and Don Kanonji recognise a kindred spirit and swap tips and sources. Be afraid, Yuzu.

Be afraid, world.