this is my bankai

Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo is the son of Isshin and Masaki, and the protagonist of Bleach. Thanks to Kuchiki Rukia, he became an unwilling substitute shinigami, and eventually into a super powered bankai part Hollow fighting machine. He's already hardcore, and he's only fifteen. His battles are multi-chaptered and can get boring, even though there is no denying their epicness. Despite his gruff exterior, Ichigo likes to protect people and he is just like a sweet little antisocial puppy on the inside. Just don't feed the Hollow. Ichigo has also always had the ability to see ghosts. As a child, he was more outwardly dorky than he is today. According to Tatsuki, he cried when she beat him in martial arts classes, but the appearance of his mother would bring a big smile to his face - no matter how hard Tatsuki beat on him. These days, Ichigo likes to come across as more badass; his face usually wears a scowl, and his attitude doesn't win points with the teachers. However, his general dorkiness is still there. It's endearing, really.

Masaki seemed to be a graceful, elegant woman, from what we've seen. Ichigo definitely inherited his dense and dorky side from his father. The two might spend a lot of time kicking each other, and Isshin's attitude and view on things usually don't go over well with his son. Perhaps that was what Ichigo was like before his mother died. The two are more alike than either would care to admit, though. Both blame themselves for Masaki's death, despite both knowing about Grand Fisher's involvement. No doubt both changed a lot after she died. Ichigo couldn't remain the same, but Isshin still comes across as silly and carefree and delightfully eccentric. And this, I think, can help Ichigo who has a tendency to self-blame. Isshin, in his own way, buoys him up.

But then Isshin gets serious and makes us look at him in a new light. He isn't just Ichigo's ridiculous father, he's a former Captain of Soul Society and he will kill Grand Fisher and make it look easy. He gave Ichigo a protective charm before he left for Soul Society which ended up saving Kon-as-Ichigo from Grand Fisher. Isshin was just looking out for the well-being of Ichigo's body while he was off fighting in Shinigami form. Ichigo, meanwhile, has no clue about his father's true identity, or his status as a "true blood" as Grand Fisher calls him upon finding out about Isshin's shinigami secret identity. No doubt he will be pissed when he finds out. Lots of Isshin's actions are made much more interesting looking back on them with new intelligence, because he knew what was going on with Ichigo from the time of his battle with Grand Fisher. Isshin knew when Kon was inhabiting Ichigo's body - and even points out to Kon that he never once called him by Ichigo's name when Kon was in his body. And one has to wonder if Isshin's unique way of expressing love (i.e. kicking and general violence) was just his way of training Ichigo and keeping him on his toes

Isshin has also clearly discussed Ichigo with Urahara. He knows about the Vizards, the Arrancar, Aizen's conspiracy and plans, the Houkoyo, and even predicted that the Vizards would contact Ichigo. How he knows all this is unclear, especially as we have no idea of when he was actually in Soul Society and if any of the various groups know about him.

His parenting techniques are still questionable, though. Or perhaps he has enough faith and pride in Ichigo to know that the kid is going to come back alive, no matter what. And let's face it, Ichigo is far too stubborn to die. And no one dies in Bleach, anyway.

As for Ichigo, outwardly he mostly just seems exasperated with his father antics, and quite often ends up bickering with him. It's all superficial, of course. Ichigo loves his family, Isshin included, and he often worries about them. He acknowledges that Yuzu, Karin and Isshin have been sad and went through some hard times when Masaki died, and he doesn't want them to ever have to go through that again. Isshin is in with that mountainload of people Ichigo wants to protect. Even if, perhaps, Isshin should have been more protective of his son. But no doubt Isshin has his reasons for his actions and for keeping his identity a secret from his son. Perhaps Ichigo isn't the only one who needs to protect people.