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Named after one of Nanaki's limit breaks because I am often uncreative with names, Howling Moon was opened in July 2014. It happened thanks to Amassment's Creature Feature Challenge – I'd never previously considered making a shrine for Nanaki even though I'd always liked his character. But the challenge put the idea in my head and I've really enjoyed putting this site together. It gave me a new appreciation for Nanaki while also being really frustrated at how little he appears in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. He is a sorely overlooked character, and I'm glad to shine a spotlight on him.

In March 2017, Howling Moon was revamped with a new look and a refresh of old content and some new additions. It is likely it will remain static until the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake. This also used to be the fanlisting for Nanaki, but was closed in June 2017 when I cut back on a lot of my fanlistings. I'm still happy to be running this shrine! ♥

This is the second layout for Howling Moon. I was never really happy with the first layout – I settled for it after a long struggle and scrapping several previous attempts. And while a similar struggled happened with this layout (there's so little art of Nanaki!), I'm much happier with the result. The image used is a screenshot I took while replaying Final Fantasy VII on Steam, and the moon in the background is a photograph from the NASA website. Sprites and other images were found at the wikia.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to affiliate or link exchange, feel free to contact me.

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