The Trial

In the GBA/PSP remakes of the game, a new dungeon was added that contains individual trials for each character that can only be completed after you've beaten the final boss with that character in the party. It's a really nice addition to the game! If you are looking for help with defeating Lunar Bahamut, the boss of Kain's trial, check here. This section contains information about the story element to it, along with a complete transcript.

This was definitely my favourite trial out of all the characters. It's the only one with this much character to it. I love the interaction between Kain, Cecil and Rosa. It must be tough for Kain to see Cecil and Rosa together, but my absolute favourite line in this trial is something Rosa says when talking about her abduction:

Rosa: I constantly heard... someone's voice...
Cecil: Who?
Rosa: I don't know. It was a very sad voice... But a warm voice that filled me with feelings of nostalgia...

She, Kain and Cecil all grew up together, and she and Kain possibly dated at some point (this is, I believe, confirmed in the FFIV Ultimania, but I take it with a pinch of salt). Kain left to continue his training as a dragoon, and when he returned to Baron, Rosa and Cecil had fallen in love. They would have been quite young, of course. The voice could be referring to that, or just about their childhood together, when things where happier and simpler and they were all friends; before all the death and betrayal. I can't imagine that Kain's voice often sounds sad or warm. Or at least, not after he lost Rosa to Cecil.

Random things that went through my head while playing through:

This is the first time we encounter Dark Kain, but not the last. He's an antagonist in FFIV: The After Years.


As Cecil approaches the door to Kain's trial he is repelled, and pushed back.

Cecil: !? What is this?

A mysterious voice is heard:

This door opens only for those destined to be dragoons. No one else may enter.

Kain: Let me go alone.
Cecil: Are you sure?
Kain: Don't worry about me. I'll be back.
Cecil: Alright. We'll be searching other areas.

Kain goes through the door, and everything goes black and silent. Through the darkness, a voice is heard.


The darkness begins to clear, revealing that the owner of the voice is Cecil. Kain was lying unconscious on the ground, with Cecil beside him. He awakens and stands up.

Cecil: You're finally awake! What happened ?!

Kain looks around, realising he is in a very familiar place - the town of Baron.

Kain: Is this... Baron? Why am I here?
Cecil: I'm glad you're alright.
Kain: What's going on here? What's with all the noise?
Cecil: A solider was attacked last night by an unknown assailant.

The two begin walking through the town and towards a group of people. Rosa is among the group, and catching sight of the two, she rushes over to them.

Rosa: Kain! Thank heavens you're alright!
Kain: Rosa...? Why am I here?
Cecil: We were worried about you so we followed you here. We found you lying here, and the town's in turmoil. There's something strange going on...
Rosa: I heard a soldier was attacked by someone or something... I don't know the details, but...
Cecil: I think we should investigate.
Kain: Yeah, I agree.
Cecil: Let's talk to some townspeople.

Kain goes wandering around the town, looking for some fun (read: stuff to steal). There's nothing though, so he decides to try talking to the panicked townspeople. A solider is talking to the weapons vendor, so Kain starts to eavesdrop.

Solider: Have you seen any suspicious persons in the vicinity?
Weapons Vendor: I saw the whole thing! It was the Grim Reaper! It was the hand of Death! *turns to Kain* I heard a noise, so I came back to the store. I noticed that the back door was wide open. I stepped outside to see what was going on, and I saw a black shadow fly into the sky!
Soldier: A black shadow...?
Weapons Vendor: The figure carried a large scythe... it had to be the Grim Reaper.
Soldier: Death...?
Weapons Vendor: I know what I saw!

Continuing to talk to people, another solider mentions that the wound looked as if it had been done with a lance, not a weapon, and another says that finding that lance would be a huge help in the investigation. A little distance away from the group, a soldier is questioning a girl...

Solider: Have you seen any suspicious persons in the vicinity?
Girl: I've seen a shadow of someone darting through the night skies...
Solider: Wha!? Did you see who it was?
Girl: I couldn't see clearly. All I saw was someone dressed in black jumping across rooftops. Only a dragoon could jump like that...
Solider: A dragoon?! H-How dare you! The dragoons have been loyally serving the kingdom for ages!
Girl: I-I didn't mean to accuse anyone...

Kain wanders back over to Cecil...

Solider: Lances are used mainly by dragoons...
Cecil: Do you think Kain did this? Maybe you forgot that he was also attacked!
Solider: That wasn't what I meant. However, in this vicinity, dragoons are the only ones who mainly use lances as weapons...I was just pointing out the facts.

Some more soldiers approach, including their Captain

Captain: Have you found any clues?
Solider: Nothing yet...
Captain: I see...
Oh, I see everyone is here. As you can see, the town is in turmoil... However that will end soon! I will capture the one behind this! If anyone finds any important information, make sure you let me know immediately.
Cecil: Yes, we certainly will.
Captain: We're very grateful. Hey! Have the town borders been blocked off yet?
Solider: Yes, sir!
Captain: Good! Make sure you question every suspicious person you come across.
Soldier: Yes, sir! *leaves*
Other solider: Captain! I think we should ask Sir Cecil and his friends to help us out with this incident.
Captain: What?
Other solider: If the suspect has been seen jumping from roof to roof, I think we should have Sir Kain help. He's the only one who can chase the suspect. In case we can't catch him...
Captain: What!?
Are you saying you want to depend on others to catch this criminal!?
Other solider: N-No, sir! *backs away* I just thought we could use the support... *runs away*
Captain: Hmph! I'm sorry you had to see that... I would be grateful if everyone could help out with this incident. With you help, we're sure to catch whoever's behind this. What do you think? Will you lend us a hand.
Cecil: Certainly. Kain was attacked aswell. I'd like to see those who did this apprehended.
Rosa: Yes. Let's get to the bottom of this and clear your name, Kain.
Kain: Yeah...
Captain: Thank you very much! This will help us with our investigation more than you know. You must be tired from your journey. Please go to the Inn and get some rest there tonight. I will talk to the Innkeeper and have everything prepared.
Cecil: Thank you.

*the Captain leaves*

Cecil: Kain, you should go ahead and rest. I'll take Rosa back to her house.
Kain: Alright.

Cecil and Rosa both leave and enter her house...two steps away. Kain watches.

Kain: ...

It's beginning to get dark, but Kain once again tries all the houses to see if there is anyone he can talk to and/or steal from. But everywhere is locked. Outside the Inn, he finds a potion though, which completely makes his entire year, making all recent events involving mind control and betraying his friends seem so much easier to bear. Deciding he should turn in for the night, he goes to bed and quickly falls asleep.

Rosa: Kain...
Kain: (Rosa...)
Rosa: Kain! It was... you!
Kain: (No! I'm not...!)

He wakes up.

Kain: !? (It was just a dream...)

Kain gets out of bed and looks around the room.

Kain: Cecil? ...

Everything is still and silent so he gets back into bed.

Kain: (The weapon was obviously a lance from looking at the wounds... Maybe a weapons vendor...?)

Kain falls back asleep. When he reawakens it is morning, so he gets up and gives you, the esteemable player, a salute. However, something is wrong. Over to the side of the room there is something on the floor that wasn't there before. So Kain walks over to it.

Kain: ...? This lance... It wasn't here last night...

*obtained Blook-Soaked Lance!*

After taking the lance, Kain leaves the Inn.


Kain: ...?

Kain walks through the town and is soon approached by Cecil.

Cecil: Kain! There's been another attack!
Kain: What...!

They both approach the fallen man, who turns out to be the weapons vendor from last night. Rosa, some soliders, and the girl from the previous night are also there.

Kain: This wound... It was definitely done with a lance. *inspects closer* This was done by someone accustomed to using this weapon. The weapons vendor was an important witness. This wasn't a random attack...

Rosa: How awful! Who would do such a thing?
Solider: Where in heaven's name is the suspect hiding?
Girl: After the incident yesterday, my husband was cleaning the store and noticed a lance had been stolen! We both thought it was an awful coincidence, and now this...

Kain approaches Cecil.

Kain: A lance...
Cecil: What?
Rosa: Kain? What's wrong?
Kain: I found this lance in my room...
Cecil: It wasn't there before you went to bed? What's going on?
Kain: I don't know.
Rosa: I think we should hand it over to the soldiers as evidence.
Kain: ...Yeah.
Cecil: Kain...

Kain gives the lance to one of the soldiers

Solider: Thank you, sir. This should help us greatly.
Cecil: Kain... You need to be careful! You've been attacked before! You too, Rosa!
Rosa: I will. Cecil, you should be careful, too.
Cecil: Something about the lance bothers me... I should stay in the inn tonight as well.

Cecil and Kain walk towards the inn, and the screen fades out. When it fades back in we see Kain and Cecil in their room at the inn. Cecil is asleep, but Kain is restless.

Kain: I hope nothing happens tonight...

He gets back into bed and falls asleep. When he awakens, Cecil is gone.

Kain: Alright. *looks around* Cecil...?

Leaving the inn, he quickly runs into Cecil.

Cecil: Nothing happened last night. Perhaps it was because we were together. Kain, have you seen Rosa?
Kain: No, why do you ask?
Cecil: I was just wondering where she is. Kain, you should keep searching for more clues.
Kain: Alright.

Kain talks a stroll around town. People are wary of him, and no one has seen Rosa. Kain enters the training room, which is currently being used by Barons supposed forensic experts to "plot strategies." Kain takes a look at the blood soaked lance - it is emitting a strange light.

Solider: The blood on the lance was that of the weapons vendor. However, that's all we know. The only fingerprints on the weapon were yours from when you brought it to us.
Other Solider: This is most likely the weapon that was used on the weapons vendor...Where in heaven's name is the suspect hiding?
Yet another Solider: We've checked everywhere we could think of in the town, and yet we've found nothing. We'll let you know the second we find something. It's getting late. Please rest at the Inn tonight.

Kain leaves the training room and walks over to Rosa's house. A man is outside who trembles with fear when he sees the Dragoon approaching. Kain enters the house.

Rosa's mother: Rosa? I thought she was with you. I wonder where shes gone off to... I hope nothing bad has happened to her...

When Kain leaves the house, darkness has fallen. Cecil is also nowhere to be seen, so Kain enters the Inn and turns in for the night. However, he wakes up after a while. It's still dark.

Kain: Ugh!

He gets out of bed and leaves the Inn. Cecil is standing outside.

Kain: Cecil...?
Cecil: Kain... *turns away*
Kain: What is it? Did you find Rosa?
Cecil: Not yet.
Kain: What!?
Cecil: Will you help me find her?
Kain: Of course.
Cecil: It is my duty to protect Rosa!

Both men begin looking for her. Kain goes to the north eastern part of town. Rosa is lying up the steps, tired up. CECIL OBVIOUSLY WASN'T LOOKING VERY HARD. It's the place where the nice lady dances for you, so you know he checked that area multiple times since arriving in Baron.

Rosa: Kain... Where's Cecil?
Kain: Let me give you a hand...

Cecil finally comes dashing up to where they are.

Cecil: Rosa!
Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil releases her and they kiss. Kain manages to convey jealousy and being the most uncomfortable a person could possibly be quite well, considering he is made of a handful of pixels. His ellipses, they speak volumes.

Kain: ...
Rosa: I knew you'd come.
Cecil: Your mother is worried. I'll walk you home.
Rosa: Cecil...

They both leave, and Kain follows.

Cecil: I'm sorry, Kain. I'm going to walk Rosa home. I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Kain: Alright.

Cecil and Rosa enter her house, while Kain returns to the Inn and tries to get some sleep. The next morning he goes to Rosa's house.

Rosa: Kain, I'm sorry about yesterday. You just startled me...
Kain: It's fine.
Cecil: Rosa, what happened?
Rosa: I was at home sleeping when I heard someone calling to me. Before I realised it, I was standing outside... I knew I had to get back inside, and that's when... A man dressed in black appeared from above... When I came to, I found myself in the spot where you found me. And Kain was standing right in front of me... I was remember anything else. It felt like everything happened in a dream...
Cecil: I see.
Rosa: Wait, there was something else.
Cecil: Another clue?
Rosa: I constantly heard... someone's voice...
Cecil: Who?
Rosa: I don't know. It was a very sad voice... But a warm voice that filled me with feelings of nostalgia...
Cecil: ...
Rosa: That voice. Where have I heard it before?
Cecil: There may be some clues at the scene of the crime.

Kain leaves the house and returns to the place he found Rosa. There is a suspicious mark on the ground.

Kain: This wound was made by... a lance...
(...! This mark was made by a lance! Where is he...? Where did he go?)

Kain returns to the strategy room where the lance was being kept. But when he enters, the room is in turmoil- the lance has been lost! With nothing else to be done, Kain returns again to the Inn, where the Innkeeper seems startled to see him. Kain goes to his room, and beside his bed is none other than...

Kain: The blood soaked lance!

The Captain and some soldiers rush in.

Soldier: So it was you, after all... I didn't want to belive it...
Captain: Calm down! We don't know it was Sir Kain! We have no evidence! I'm terribly sorry, Sir Kain! I don't want to do this, but I must put you in restraints....
Kain: What?
Captain: I didn't want to believe you were the one behind all of this... However, the weapon used in the attacks has shown up in your room...
Soldier: I hate to do this, but will you come with us for some questioning later?
Kain: ... Alright...
Captain: Please stay inside until the charges are dropped. [to soldier] Hey! Make sure to recover the lance.

The soldier takes the lance.

Captain: [to other soldiers] Keep an eye on him!

The Captain and the soldier leave. The remaining soldiers guard the door and refuse to let him out. Despite being held for murder, Kain is allowed to talk to some little girl who is wandering around the Inn. She simply asks him "Are dragoons bad?" I WEEP. Eventually, Kain goes to bed.

Disembodied voice: (Kain... It is all you...)

Kain: (Wh-Who's there?)
Disembodied voice: (You still haven't figured it out? This is what you hoped for... Come... with your strength, it'll be easy to take out the guards...)
Kain: (I can't lay a hand on soldiers from Baron!)
Disembodied voice: (See? That wasn't so bad.)
Kain: (!)
Disembodied voice: (Come. Leave this place... Kill him.)

Kain gets up and walks to the door, finding the guards dead. Upon leaving the Inn he notices a very suspicious person nearby.

Kain: Wait!

The cloaked person dashes away and into Rosa's house. Kain follows.

Rosa: Aghhh!
Cecil: !?
Kain: Stop right there!

The attacker runs back out of the house, somehow getting by all three of them. Kain again follows him, this time to the west part of the town. The attacker reveals himself to be one of the Baron soldiers. What's more, he has the blood soaked lance. It is then the Captain and two soldiers appear.

Kain: Give it up already! You're the culprit!
Captain: I knew you could help us! I apologise from the bottom of my heart for having locked you up. Take him away.

The culprit is lead away.

Captain: So this is the lance... Well, I must be off! Thank you for your help! You will be filled in on the details another day. Thank you again.

The Captain and remaining soldier leave.

Kain: ...

Cecil and Rosa approach.

Rosa: I can't believe that a soldier was behind all of this.
Cecil: Nothing gets by Kain! The incident is finally over. We should leave town tomorrow.
Rosa: Alright.
Cecil: It's late. Kain, you should rest in the Inn as well.

The both leave. So, Kain returns to the Inn. A present awaits him in his room. That's right! The blood soaked lance has appeared again.

Kain: !?
Disembodied voice: (It's not over yet... It's not over until he is dead. That man... Cecil...!)
Kain: (Cecil! He's in danger!) Cecil!

Kain retrieves the lance and leaves. Outside, he sees Cecil standing in front of Rosa's house.

Kain: Cecil...

Kain begins to walk toward Cecil, but the paladin doesn't notice him or ignores him and just walks straight ahead.

Cecil: ...

Cecil enters the building that was previously being used as a "strategy room". Kain follows, and we hear Cecil use the warp point that previously connected Baron with Mysidia. Of course, Kain uses the warp, but he doesn't end up in Mysidia. He is standing in a room similar to the place on Mt. Ordeals where Cecil became a paladin. The mystical moon music is playing. Oooh! Lying on the ground is Cecil, knocked out by some unknown force, and beside him is Rosa who also appears to be tied up and unconscious. Either something bad is going down, or Kain just walked into the middle of some kinky shenanigans gone awry.

Kain: Cecil...
Cecil: ...

Kain approaches the mirror, Instead of his reflection, he sees the monster/ disguised person from before. He turns and takes a step away, but the mysterious figure follows.

???: I have stolen from him his freedom. It was easy. All I had to do was use Rosa as bait.
Kain: ...Who are you!?
???: Who am I? You should know the answer to this question better than anyone else. *pushes Kain back* I am you. *pushes him back again* I am your desire, I am your true self. This is the world I created for myself.
Come! Now is the time to grant all of your wishes!

Kain looks at Cecil.

Dark Kain: What's wrong? Deep down, you wanted Cecil out of the picture. You have wished him gone, away from you. Now is the chance to make that wish come true! With that blood soaked lance!
Kain: Cecil!

At this point you are given a choice; to fight Cecil or not. If you choose YES:

Cecil disappears.

Kain: Cecil!
Dark Kain: Yes! This is the future you desire!
Kain: ...
Dark Kain: Do you see? No matter how much goodness you have, this monster is who you really are. I am you! Now and for all eternity... Hahaha! Mwahahaha!

Still laughing manically, the monster merges with Kain. A moment later, he reappears back outside the trial, where Cecil is still waiting.

Cecil: Kain! You're back already?
Kain: ...? How long...? How long was I in there?
Cecil: What are you talking about? You just went inside.
Kain: ... I see...
Cecil: What was past those doors.
Kain: ...Nothing... Absolutely nothing...

If you choose NO to fighting Cecil (which, is what you are supposed to do, you know):

Kain: Shut up!
Dark Kain: You wish to deny who you really are?
Kain: I wish to deny my weakness!
Dark Kain: Then I shall become you. Desire is all human's source of power!

Dark Kain transforms into a er, darker version of Kain and we enter the battle screen.

I must defeat the darkness in my own heart...

Dark Kain does not attack. He jumps into the air and off screen, only to be replaced by Lunar Bahamut. Kick it's ass (Check here for help) and feel proud when you defeat it.

Kain: (This... This should be the end of everything... Right... Kain...?)

He "obtains" the Dragoon Gloves, which transforms his Jump command into Double Jump.

Kain: !? The blood soaked lance is glowing!

The lance is now called Abel's Lance and is Kain's ultimate weapon. It randomly casts Tornado, which is many kinds of awesome. Kain then walks up to the mirror again. This time, the reflection is his own.

Kain: ...

He turns away.

Kain: This is the way it should be... Right, Rosa? Right, Cecil?

The screen fades to black, and Kain then reappears back outside the trial, where Cecil is waiting.

Cecil: Kain! You're back already?
Kain: ...? How long...? How long was I in there?
Cecil: What are you talking about? You just went inside.
Kain: ... I see...
Cecil: What was past those doors.
Kain: ...Nothing... Absolutely nothing...

In The End

Cecil, Rosa. I cannot bring myself to face you both, not yet. I must test myself as you did, Cecil, at Mt. Ordeals. I will train until I've surpassed my father as a Dragoon. When that time comes, then I shall return to Baron.

Final Fantasy IV has one of the more concise endings of the series. Everything seems to have settled down, with the Lunarians moving out of orbit and away from the planet. Cecil and Rosa are the new King and Queen of Baron, and are getting married. On the day of their wedding, all their old comrades show up, save one conspicuous absence.

Kain, still unable to forgive himself for his treacherous actions, does not attend the wedding. It would appear that he never returned to Baron at all after Zeromus was defeated. Seeking redemption, he travels to Mt. Ordeals, to undergo the same trial that Cecil did to become a paladin. And from the very beginning of the game it was stated that Kain emulated his father greatly, so to become such a great dragoon would mean he had conquered his darkness

Kain's trial in the Lunar Ruins expands on this a little. At the end of the trial, Kain enters a room similar to the room on Mt. Ordeals in which Cecil became a paladin. Like with Cecil, Kain's reflection appears and steps out of the mirror. It is this Dark Kain that must be defeated, and that goads Kain, trying to get him to give in to the darkness and finish off Cecil. You, as the player, can make this choice. To kill Cecil means you fail the trial, to resist means you must defeat Lunar Bahamut. If you succeed, you get swag.

Dark Kain also turns up in The After Years. There's more on that here.