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Through the Ruin Grey was made for Amassment's One Page, One Month event in August 2012. It was revamped into a multipage site with significant updates in April 2016. It was last updated in January 2017 and likely to remain static. Information in this site is taken from both the base game and the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania, with translations used from

The site is named from a line in the poem Rose of May by Mary Howitt. Beatrix is often associated with roses and her beautiful theme song is also called Rose(s) of May. Basically I didn't actually want to call the site Rose of May and I'm terrible with naming things.

This is layout number three of Through the Ruin Grey. The screenshot of Beatrix was taken by myself (thank you, Steam release) and the image of Alexandria in the background was found at Famitsu and is from Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade which added Alexandria as a stage in March 2016. Previous layouts can be viewed here at the layout archive. Also, despite being for a very different subject and what is actually quite a different site to mine, I found Larissa's Level 20 a big inspiration for this redesign, which is a little different from what I normally do. ♥

Previous layouts:

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A special thank you also goes to Megan for buttons, which she gifted me as part of Amassment's Secret Santa in 2015!

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FFIX Fanlistings

Into the Sky, Final Fantasy IX
Alexandrian Knight, Beatrix
Something to Protect, Beatrix and Steiner

Garnet, Melodies of Life
Roses of May, For the Queen

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