January 2017

Happy New Year!

  • To start off what will hopefully be a productive year, rydia.nu finally has a new layout! This layout has been months in the making (as spoken about on the domain page), but I am pleased with how it turned out. This marks a bit of a change with rydia.nu – the domain will be solely focusing on Final Fantasy sites. A number of revamps/expansions of fanlistings are planned. The rest of my sites will be moved to a new home at some point, once I get that organised.

  • Through The Ruin Grey got a number of updates. Firstly, it is now listed at Those Who Fight. I also linked some related FFIX fanlistings after failing to find any more FFIX character shrines to link. The site also received some minor text changes (just typos/awkward text). If there are still any typos, please let me know! I’d prefer to be told so I can fix them. But the biggest update was an unexpected new page—overall looking at references to earlier FF games, but mostly looking at the similarities between Beatrix and Cecil of Final Fantasy IV.

  • Walk Tall, a shrine for Noctis of Final Fantasy XV is currently in the planning stages.

  • Larissa kindly donated the old members list for the previous Reeve fanlisting, so that has been added to Ordinary Hero. ♥

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