Made like the past

we were built to last

Registered in March 2014 at Nunames and hosted at Dreamhost, was my return to shrining and fanlistings after a bit of an absence. Aside from just missing the community and creativity of site making in general, I decided to return during a particularly stressful period in my life. I needed the escape. I have had many domains in the past:,,,, and more that I can't even recall right now. I used to have a domain problem. For a number of years, was home to all my sites and fanlistings; but from 2017 I'm aiming to focus it more on my Final Fantasy sites. All other sites will be moving to a new domain – all fanlistings that aren't attached to a shrine or aren't Final Fantasy related have been moved to a place to call home

Named after Rydia of Mist from Final Fantasy IV (the game of ten thousand remakes and I own them all - send help). She is first introduced as a young child under tragic circumstances, and her journey throughout the game sees her grow into a strong young woman. Rydia is resilient, with an incredible capacity for compassion. As a gifted mage and summoner, her abilities assist and save her friends multiple times along their journey. And Rydia cares deeply about her friends, although she is more than willing to dispense some tough love at times. Her courage in the face of adversity, her warmth and vivaciousness, and her overall strength of character has stuck with me since I first played the game back in the early nineties. She is an iconic Final Fantasy character, the first of many summoners, and her influence can be seen throughout the series. It was an easy decision to name my domain after her.

My love, take your time

i'll see you on the other side

This is the fourth (released) layout of, featuring Garnet and Zidane from Final Fantasy IX - one of my all time favourite Final Fantasy games/favourite games ever. Melodies of Life was playing in heavy rotation as I made this. Designed in Photoshop CC, coded in TextWrangler (because I keep putting off learning Bootstrap or a similar framework), and tested in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on a Mac. If anything isn't working as it should be, please let me know and I will attempt to fix it.

As I previously mentioned, this is the fourth released layout for this domain. Over the course of four months I scrapped three other layouts (partially coding two) before finally being satisfied with this one. I've included the two coded layouts in the small archive below - just to have them displayed somewhere because I don't know if I'll ever use them for anything. I don't dislike them; they just weren't what I wanted for a domain layout. The one layout not featured here I did dislike. I rage quit it so hard I deleted the psd. A general layout archive can also be found here.

Layouts go from oldest → newest.

Screenshots used in this layout were taken by myself (thank you, Final Fantasy IX Steam release). Other art was sourced at the Final Fantasy Wikia and coloured (in a manner of speaking) by me. Watercolour textures were found at Brusheezy and Bittbox. Aside from Melodies of Life being a musical inspiration, I also listened to Bell X1 and the Hamilton soundtrack a lot. Consequently, lyrics from both have ended up as headers. Just in case you wanted to know.